As Atlantic C.A. gives you the opportunity to grow financially, aimed at corporations, factories, companies or brokers, with performance in the area of exportation or importation that want to invest in maritime transport to be more productive and competitive within their field and increase their capital in a period of two (2) years.

Boat belonging to a sole owner and in the process of entering a dike. We are looking for an investor to accelerate its start-up and immediate operation.

Characteristics of the boat:
-Type: Roro
-Length: 71.44 mt
-Manga: 17.3 mt
-Draft: 3.5 mt
-Loading capacity: more than 1,200 tons
-Working area: 17 wide, 54 long, 24 containers of 8x40 feet distributed in 6 rows of 2 levels in total 48 containers, with a total cargo volume of 129,600 cubic feet or 3,648 m3.

Boat Utility:
It has entrance by bow, ideal for boarding through port cranes, it is excellent for cabotage, for loading of pipelines and oil and industrial equipment, wheeled cargo (vehicles) and also for loading of materials by pallets, bags and container (with a capacity for 48 units).

The boat has the same characteristics of the ship "Entrepreneur" number of imo: 7613961 (click the link to see reference).

Work Executed:
The general structure of the boat is repaired in 85% of its totality, this includes accommodation, citadel, deck, ballast tanks, pumping system, electrical system, repair and finishing in terms of carpentry work, navigation equipment and Rafts, it has a larger capacity engine, which was acquired and is being repowered outside the vessel, in addition to a generator

Work to Execute:
For the total completion and commissioning of the vessel, an investor with accessible capital is required, which will be used to:
-The purchase of a gearbox, which we already have located.
-Expenses for repairs in dike (reinforcement of the live work, preventive maintenance to the propellar axis, sandblasting and painting of the live work helmet and part of the dead work).

-It is a profitable investment, since you can increase your finances in a short and / or medium term, if you know the branch where you will invest.
-A single date will be set for the physical visit to the boat and the interview of people who choose to invest in this project.
-If there is any change or date of the visit you will be email notification.
-We estimate that once the negotiation is closed, with all the points agreed and legally supported, the boat will have a period of less than or equal to 3 months for its normal operation and operability, after this, you can go to the place where it will operate