Our Company that has an abundance of experience in the line of shipping and customs agency, exercising its normal procedure of daily labor

About Us

AS ATLANTIC started its steps as a supplier of various shipping agencies that serve them to oil tankers, merchant ships and tugs, for this reason we decided to start direct operations with owners or captains of the ship and we know the steps and rules in major terminals oil throughout Venezuela, which all local amenities are easily accessible. Our staff has knowledge of local regulations and international conventions. We maintain the workforce and sufficient facilities to provide effective agency service 24 hours a day.

Since AS ATLANTIC formed service we have provided high quality agenciamiento 60 vessels calling to load Venezuelan Petroleum, Gas and Chemical. Our main goal is to make the time of completion of the ship as soon as possible, with particular attention to identifying areas where the cost can be reduced.


Recollection of solid garbage

This is a service that we offer finally to sabe cost for the owners and captain in their budget, assigning its respective service certifícate submitting it to the acuatic autorities or the country.



Recollection of liquid garbage

In a service that is made under supervision of the acuatic And surroundings authorities, in which is done directly in port or in La Bahia de Jose Barcelona, Venezuela.


 Cleaning of the hull of ship

This service handled with responsible and serious personal with specialized diving equipment in the maintenance section of propellers, cleaning the inner part of the hull of embarkment.

Our Clients

To reach to company experience is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients. We support in a mutual collaboration in teamwork and excellent logistics pland and control the services with a highly qualified serious staff and with vanguard technology