Quality Politics

As Atlantic is compromised with the preserving of the surroundings, human resources, equipment and installations, within the development of an excellent logistics. Our fundamental objective is the satisfaction of our client, providing competitive up to date cost, a quality service that responds with continuous improvement of service orientation and active participation of all. We seek to reach company experience at international level.



Security Politics

As Atlantic assumes the responsibility to guarantee the continuity, safty and welfare of the clients and surroundings so as to control the risks and avoid any delays in the objectives and planification of the client.

The continuous formation of our personnel is vital to reach the objectives and methods, by building a preventative cluture which permits to take the organitation to it´s higher standards of quality, the continous seeking of quality service that given by the company constitutes a principal objective of daily labor and to obtain this, depends on the best disposition of our workers, respecting all of the shipping rules and regulations and acknowledging that quality is not possible without security.